We have made several changes to the form this year in an attempt to clarify the information listing for assessment required by State Statute. We are here to serve you!

Please note that all personal property owned by those residing in Barry County on January 1, should be listed. If you wish to retain Missouri tags you must list the vehicles even if you move out of state. Vehicles in your possession that are not running must be listed unless they are being used for parts and not to be returned to use. Late fees apply if not returned by March 1. Late fees are based on assessed value.

Personal Property is that property other than real property and is not permanently affixed to or part of real estate. Personal property includes cars, boats and equipment. Some personal property is exempt, including household goods, inventories, wearing apparel, and items of personal use and adornment. The Board of Equalization and the State Tax Commission of Missouri review and supervise the county assessor. Values of vehicles are established by NADA guides as per State Statute. The Department of Revenue records must agree with the assessment list for licensing of vehicles as to owners name, year, make and model. Failure to accurately list may result in delays at license office and necessitate return to Courthouse to correct records. If you are divorcing, please keep in mind that the Collector cannot divide tax statements at a later date. Individual assessment could be appropriate to avoid potential conflict with property tax payment responsibilities. Contact us to request a separate assessment list be sent if this applies. Mobile homes must be listed on assessment IF they are owned by you but are located on land owned by others.

If you fail to file an assessment list the Collector of Revenue will not be able to issue a correct tax statement, but you will still be liable for tax payment as well as penalties and interest incurred.